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Kunniyur Sri Kamakshi Amman

Maha Kumbabhishegam of Kunniyur Sri Kamakshi Amman-A Grand Success!
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Sri Kunniyur Kamakshi Amman

"Kunniyur Kamakshi Amman Kumbabhishegam" is now available in youtube . Please click the link below to watch it & get blessed by her !!!!

The Maha Kumabhishegam performed on 29-01-2012 of Sri Kunniyur Kamakshi Amman Temple in the small village of Kunniyur in Thiruvarur District of Thanjavur was a Grand Success.  

On the day of the Maha Kumbabhishegam, the village of Kunniyur had a festive look .....with the cool winter breeze in the air, it was a treat to ones eyes to see this magnificient Temple, stand in all its glory! 

The Maha Kumbhabishegam celebrations of the Sri Kunniyur Kamakshi Amman  temple  are over and serenity prevails. Reverberating sounds of the nadaswaram and thavil and the melodious Vedic chanting of the priests, resplendent in their red and orange silk dhotis and angavasthrams, which echoed in the neighbourhood has quietened.  So has the chattering of the eager devotees, who dotted the streets to partake of the Maha Prasadam and Anna Danam which took place on the holy day of the consecration.  There was joy in the air on all the days of the holy event which began on January 27,th , 2012 and ended in a crescendo on January 29, 2012.

The palpable excitement that filled the atmosphere for these three  days when tens of thousands of devotees from across the villages of Thanjavur area and other states converged at the temple has all but simmered down.

Good show by the K.B.S.S. Committee Members in making this Holy, sacred event a grand success!  

Marking the auspicious start of the above event, the  preliminary auspicious ceremony of 'பந்தக்கால் முகூர்த்தம்' was performed on Thursday, Jan.19, 2012, at the Yaagasala site by the Chief Priest சர்வ சாதகம் தகட்டூர் ஸ்ரீ ஞானசேகர சிவாச்சார்யார் with 'sankalpam' by the President Shri K.S.Shivasubramanian and family on behalf of the Thiruppani Committee. There was a huge crowd from the start of the ceremony to the end of the two day function in Kunniyur temple premises.  

The historic Maha Kumbabhishegam of the magnificent Temple of Sri Kamakshi Amman in Kunniyur village of Tiruvarur District in Thanjavur, was performed on 29th January, 2012 in the benign presence of the K.B.S.S. Committee Members, together with the immediate Blessings and Anugrahams from the Kanchi Kamakoti Peedathipadi Sri Sankarachariar, the Maha Kumbabhishegams was performed on 29th January, 2012. 

This is the most memorable event one can expect to witness in the history of this small village called Kunniyur in Thiruvarur District of Thanjavur.  Surrounded by paddy fields, ponds of lotus, flowers and groves of coconut palms, the serene atmosphere of this beautiful village was a heavenly feeling for one and all gathered for the Holy Consecration.   

As per mandates of Agama Sastras, Kumbabhishegam for all temples has to be performed once in 12 years to preserve and maintain the sanctity of the temples. As the temple needed certain essential repairs and renovation with regard to the Raja Gopuram, Utsava Mandapam and the  Vimanam, the K.B.S.S. Committee Members together with the Gramavasis, proposed to undertake them and perform the Jeernodharana Ashtabandhana Swarnabandhana Maha Kumbabhishegam on Sunday, the 29th January 2012.  

His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji and His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Swaraswati Swamiji, Jagadguru Sankaracharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham have bestowed their blessings on this Project and with their Blessings, guide the rituals as in the past.

Kumbabhishegam, as was done in the previous occasion, was performed in the most traditional style with all religious rites. Many Sivacharyas from Tamil Nadu and about 25 Pandits from all parts of Thanjavur /Tamil Nadu, were present for this holy rituals and  performed the Yaga Poojas from 27th January, 2012 in the specially erected Uthama Paksha Yagashala. Sivacharyas from renowned temples and other places from Tamil Nadu performed Yaga Poojas for Lord Vinayaka, other Gods and Goddess and the Navagrahas. Similarly eminent Pandits who had gathered from famous temples of Tamil Nadu, performed Kalasa Poojas for the other Deities of the Temple.


According to our ancient scriptures, performing Kumbabhishegam and participating in the Jeernodharanam of a temple is equivalent ot performing 100 Ashwameda Yagas. Some of us are fortunate in witnessing the growth of this unique temple in Kunniyur village,  right from the 'Bhoomipooja'[Pancha Silanyasam] and participated in the earlier Kumbabhishegam and those had few were indeed blessed with another opportunity to witness this Kumbabhishegam too. Those who were not present on earlier occasions would have definitely had the unique opportunity now to have witnessed this rare occasion,  to be part of this previleged few and to had the opportunity to participate in this function. All the Bakthas from far and near were cordially invited and the Invitations for the Maha Kumbabhishegam was sent to one and all to participate in allof the sacred ceremonies and be the recipients of Sri Kamakshi Amman's Blessings.

The Swayambu vigraham was originally known by the name Seethala Parameshwari but later came to be hailed as Sri Kamakshi.

Kunniyur Bakthargal Sath Sangam [KBSS]. a registered Society managing the administration of this temple, among the others in the village, under took the renovation work in Febuary last, which includes a new Vimanam, Maha Mantapam and a three-tier Raja Gopuram.  The Sangam , seeking contributions from devotees far and near, to complete the remaining work before this Kumbabhishegam, which included renovation of the Garbagriham and Artha Mandapam /Electrical work, have done the renovation work , with utmost care and concentration, with the donations received in plenty from our devotees.

The generous contributions received by the Committee, towards the expenses of Renovaiton of Raja Gopuram, Repairs & Painting of Uthsava Mandapam and other places in the Temple Complex, Vasthram for all Deities, Vedik Pundits, erection of Uthama Paksha Yagashala and host of other such items will go a long way in helping the Sangam to successfully conduct all the divine functions in the near future.  

Needless to say, the K.B.S.S. Committee together with the Gramavasies, definitely needs a "Pat in the Back" for the excellent efforts taken towards conducting of this Kumbabhishegam.  I should mention here that the accommodation/travel arrangements and other facilities extended to the people who had come from far and near, was very satisfying and no regrets what-so-ever!  

The K.B.S.S. Committee extends its hearty thanks to each and every one of the devotees who contributed their mite which made it possible to achieve today's 95% work of this stupendous project which promises to be a landmark in the area with the presiding Deity taking Her permanent Peetam in the Sannidhi on the Maha Kumbabhishegam day and thereafter. to Bless all the devotees with Her unfailing Grace.  

Mandalabhishekam begins from 30-01-2012 and will be conducted for the next 48 days i.e. up to 17-03-2012.  

For more pictures of the Kumbabhishegam, you may log on to my below mentioned URL and view the site:  

May the Blessings of Sri Kunniyur Kamakshi Amman be showered on all of us!

Kamakshi devyamba thavardra drushtya, Mooka swayam mooka kavi ryadaseeth,
Thada kuru thwam paramesa jaye, Thwat pada moole pranatham dayardre