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Kunniyur Sri Kamakshi Amman

Tourist Attractions In And Around Thiruvarur...

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Thiruvarur Welcomes You

Thiruvarur is famous for Sri Thiyagaraja temple and the annual chariot festival perfomed in the month of Chithirai (April/May). Thiruvarur is the birth place of three great Carnatic musicians Thiyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Shastri.

"Ther" Tiruvizha - Sri Thiayagaraja Swamy Temple at Tiruvarur

Tourists Attractions in and around Tiruvarur:
Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kunniyur
  • Sri Thiayagaraja Temple at Tiruvarur
  • Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple at Mannargudi
  • Sri Murugan Temple
  • Sri Kothandaramar Temple in Tiruthuraipoondi Taluk
  • Sri Saraswathi Temple at Koothanur
  • Jambavanodai Dharga in Tiruthuraipoondi Taluk
  • Sivan Temple at Alangudi
  • Bird Sanctuaries at Udayamarthandapuram

  • Sri Saint Thyagaraja

    The Triniti's of Carnatic music.

    Sri Thygaraja Aradhanai at Thiruvaiyaru

    Tyagaraja (Telugu: త్యాగరాజ, Tamil தியாகராஜா; May 4, 1767 - January 6, 1847) was a composer of Carnatic music, who along with his contemporaries Muttusvami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri forms the Trinity of Carnatic music composers. He was a prolific artist and highly influential in the development of the South Indian classical music tradition. Tyagaraja composed hundreds of devotional songs, most of them in praise of the Hindu god Rama. His compositions are very popular even today. Five of his compositions called the 'five gems' (Pancharatna Krithis), are often sung in programs in honour of Tyagaraja.
    At some stage in his early life, Tyagaraja came under the influence of Rama yahna and what followed was a period of undivided devotion to Sri Rama, a movement of tidal proportions in the field of music and spirituality that vies comparison with Ramadasa and Tulasidasa, especially the latter whose picturesque depictions of Sri Rama on the Suvela mountain, Ehi Vidhikrpa Rupa Gunadhama Ram...(Lanka, Doha Ila, Ramacharita Manasa), according to scholars, finds and echo in Tyagaraja's "Giripai Nelakonna" in Sahana and "Paritapamu" in Pratapa Varali, two of his last pieces associated with salvation, where he narrates the experience of the divine presence.
    Tyagaraja's fame and the popularity of his songs brought him many disciples.  Three branches of his Sishya parampara need specific mention, namely: Umayalpuram, Tillaisthanam and Walajapet, headed by Sundara Bhagavatar and Krshna Bhagavatar, Rama Iyengar, and Valajapet Venkataramana Bhagavatar respectively, who imbibed all that was Tyagaraja and, in turn, propagated his kritis.
    In the final analysis, that music is divine, serving not only as a means but as an end by itself has been the essence and the mission that was Tyagaraja.
    The Sri Thyagaraja Aradhana is a solemn tribute of all Carnatic artistes to one of the greatest composers ever. It's a unique festival.
    Saint Thyagaraja lived with Raman every moment. The name Thyaga-Raja means "Prince of Renunciation"
    Such is the fame attached to this beautiful place called "Tiruvarur" in Thanjavur ..!!


    Some Pictures of the Temples - Besides "Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kunniyur".......
    pho8m.jpg (18846 bytes)

    Sri Thiayagaraja Temple
    is situated at Tiruvarur. A Function called "AZHAZHI THER" will be celebrated every year during the month of April. It is the birth place of great three Carnatic Musicians - THIAYAGARAJA SWAMIGAL, MUTHUSAMY DHISHITHAR, SIYAMA SASTRIGAL.


    mngkoil.jpg (16282 bytes)

    Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple
    at Mannargudi. Mannargudi is 28 Kms from Tiruvarur. A function called "PAR PUGHALUM PANGUNI TIRUVIZHA" will be celebrated every year during the month of March.


    engan.jpg (22630 bytes)

    Sri Murugan Temple
    is situated at ENGAN. Engan is 13 Kms from Tiruvarur.



    thillaivilagam.jpg (16123 bytes)

    Sri Kothandaramar Temple
    at THILLAIVILAGAM in Tiruthuraipoondi Taluk. It is 20 Kms from Tiruthuraipoondi.


    saraswathi.jpg (17176 bytes)

    Sri Saraswathi Temple
    at Koothanur, Nannilam Taluk, 22 Kms from Tiruvarur.


    Kamakshi devyamba thavardra drushtya, Mooka swayam mooka kavi ryadaseeth,
    Thada kuru thwam paramesa jaye, Thwat pada moole pranatham dayardre