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Kunniyur Sri Kamakshi Amman

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Kunniyur Sri Kamakshi Amman

In between the route from Mannargudi to Thiruthiraipundi , on the 7th mile, you must get down to reach Kunniyur.

Click here to see The road from Mannargudi to Thiruthiraipundi

A Guide to Kunniyur Village -Thiruvarur

With the Blessings of Paramachariar

Tiruvarur District - Taluks

Kunniyur and its surroundings....a nostalgic trip down memory lane.......
Aiyannar temple (Aiyannar - protects the village from evil forces)

Aiyannar near the Kamakshi amman temple

The bridge that connects Adichapuram and Nemeli

A custom in these temples... If someone in the family is not keeping good health they keep clay dolls outside the Aiyannar temple. This even applies to animals. U can find a cow in the first row. A strong belief, followed right to this day by one and all ......

.... A click of the young energetic children of this village.....a happy, carefree gathering....

Land after harvest…

Road to the village of Kunniyur .... Aiyannar is right before the start. Well planned…neat  and good pathway.....

the streets  . one sort of enjoys walking in this muddy road. No words to describe… quiet, pollution free and what not....a real peaceful and heavenly place to visit!

The picture of some houses in our village. The look and feel of some of these houses have changed a lot inside , but the front elevation still remain intact. It is evident from the picture that the current house owner has covered the thinnai (sitout) area. Still it was looking great to see the old houses regaining its glory...a nostalgic moment....

This was during sunset. Nodoubt, one is bound to leave this beautiful village.... with a heavy heart....when travelling back to Chennai… loads of memories....sweet memories to carry us through, till our next visit to this heaven called KUNNIYUR !

A Brief Note on Kunniyur:

Kunniyur is a village in Thiruvarur district (formerly in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. It is located near the town of Mannargudi

As per the 2001 census, Kunniyur had a population of 1700 with 864 males and 836 females.

Kunniyur was home to a mirasdari which covered an area of over 6,000 acres. The most popular of the Kunniyur mirasdars was Kunniyur Sambasiva Iyer who was a member of the Indian National Congress from the early 1930s. He was elected to the Madras Legislative Council and served as a member of the legislature until his defeat in the 1952 elections. He was also an ardent devotee of the Paramacharya of Kanchi.

Kunniyur was also the center of a large-scale peasant uprising in 1944. The agricultural workers in the estate joined the Communists agriculturists union and agitated for more wages and facilities. Twenty-three people were arrested and in 1945, a law was passed outlawing Communist meeting in Mannargudi taluk. The strike turned violent and aggressive when in 1948, most lands in the eastern part of Thanjavur district were seized by labourers supported by Communists. A special law reinforcing the Madras Maintenance of Public Order Act of 1848 was enacted and the rebellion was quelled through large-scale arrests under the new law. Consequently, an understanding was reached between the landlords and labourers by the Mayuram Agreement of October 1948 and the Tanjore Tenants and Pannaiyals Ordinance of 1952.


MANNARGUDI is such a great place and is close to Kumbakonam. ...Sri Rajagopalaswami temple is one of the very famous landmark in this place. The kovil KOLAM (Mannarguditank) runs to 7 acres. Enroute to Kunniyur... a fast click of the "Haridranadi" of Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple Tank.  A wonderful picture in all its spleander... Here it is…

Kamakshi devyamba thavardra drushtya, Mooka swayam mooka kavi ryadaseeth,
Thada kuru thwam paramesa jaye, Thwat pada moole pranatham dayardre