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Kunniyur Sri Kamakshi Amman

Songs in Praise of Kamakshi Amman

Sthala Puranam
Mandala Abhishekam-2012
Maha Kumabhishegam- 29-01-2012
Maha Kumbabhishegam Sovenir
Maha Kumbabhishekam
Maha Kumbabhishekam - Notice
Maha Kumbabhishekam - Notice - 2
How to reach the temple
Route Map
Tiruvarur - A Tourist Spot
Pachai Podudhal
Do you need guidance ?
Thiruppani Meeting Notice-2010
I struggle to find words to praise You !
Amman Slokams
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Meaning of Prayers
When the heart is full of faith, devotion and love, it sings. The words of such mystical songs are prayers.
Prayers are submission or requests, made to the God or the goddess, in whom the seeker has immense faith, trust and love.
It may be a call in distress, need or it may be simply be a song of love, expressing or eulogizing that Deity.
Prayers are our desires or dreams that we try to aspire to fulfill by expressing it to our beloved God / Goddess
In whose ability and mercy, we have immense faith. The prayers are directed to the God / Goddess with whom you can
Communicate without any fears or reservations. One such devotee, in our Kunniyur clan by name
Smt. Nandini Krishnan, D/o Late. Sri. K.S.Sambashiva Iyer [ Kunniyur Mirasdar] has to say the following on her prayers and
Experiences with our Kula Deivam  through her song of love, eulogizing the Goddess Kunniyur  Sri Kamatchi Amman :
I present to you  here, the said collection of  songs,  in a pdf format....

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Kamakshi devyamba thavardra drushtya, Mooka swayam mooka kavi ryadaseeth,
Thada kuru thwam paramesa jaye, Thwat pada moole pranatham dayardre